Thermal Holter

This system uses Bluetooth to communicate with mobile phones, which can quickly accurately, and conveniently measure human body temperature and ambient temperature and humidity. It is compact and easy to carry. It can monitor body temperature anytime and anywhere, especially suitable for children, women, the elderly, and patients, as handheld medical equipment.

Early detection of COVID-19 infection

Fever at night but subsides during daytime

Gradually elevation of body temperature indicate risk of fever


Features Remote tracking of wearer body temperature

Data record and storage for medical professional diagnosis

Mass monitoring of subjects via cloud technology

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A: Anyone is suitable to use the Thermal Holter monitoring device

A: The Thermal Holter monitoring device may be unsuitable for those with allergic reactions


a) Ensure Bluetooth is enabled on your mobile device.
b) Ensure the network is enabled on your mobile device.
c) Turn on app permissions for Bluetooth and camera (to scan QR code)
d) Connect your mobile device to the internet and allow internet access for the App.
e) Ensure the Breast Guardian or Thermal Holter has battery included.


a) After the App has been downloaded and installed, please follow the instructions on your App to finish the registration.
b) To ensure the monitoring validity, please fill in your personal information correctly. The monitor is required to use their phone number to register.
c) If your are an insuree, please ensure your personal information is filled correctly and the phone number is the same as your insurance policy.
d) Scan the QR code behind the Breast Guardian or Thermal Holter to bind. Please do not share your Breast Guardian or Thermal Holter with other.


a) Turn on the Breast Guardian or Thermal Holter by pressing the “Start” button until the blue light blinks.
b) Please keep your mobile device close to your Breast Guardian or Thermal Holter until paired.
c) Bluetooth pairing is not necessary when monitoring. Breast Guardian or Thermal Holter would save the data and synchronize automatically when reconnect to the mobile device.


a) Activate the Bluetooth on your Breast Guardian or Thermal Holter by clicking the “start” button and you shall see the blue light blinking.
b) Open the App on your mobile device and the data would synchronize automatically. Normally, the monitoring report shall be generated within 24 hours after successful data submission.
c) The monitoring report would be generated no later than 3 working days after data submission. You could find it under the section of “My information – My report”

A: You may use the Breast Guardian or Thermal Holter wherever you choose except for underwater conditions as our product has an electric circuit and is not waterproof. However, for accurate
temperature measurements, it is recommended to use the device at home or indoors for minimal influence of external factors on body temperature.

A: You may use the Breast Guardian or Thermal Holter whenever you choose. However, for accurate measurements, it is recommended for the user to only monitor temperature when being
physically inactive for a long period of time e.g. sleeping, sitting down for multiple hours, etc.

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