Breakthrough ecology system

for cancer pre-screening and risk assessment

We have developed “Breast Biorhythm Monitoring System" based on our in-depth research in “micro cell-dynamics" and "modern biorhythm diagnostics". We are committed to providing customers with convenient and economical Cancer Risk Monitoring and Early Warning Services at the comfort of their own home. We measure "micro-signs on the surface of the human body“ formed by “in vivo conduction“, and build AI mathematical models of "cellular microdynamics” that have clinical correspondence with the data to achieve At-home Cancer Risk Monitoring.

Proprietary AI Analytics System

Constructed by our academic experts and medical professionals, with clinical trials being certified by an external contract research organization (CRO), it offers reliable data-monitoring and analyzing features, to conduct time-series analysis (personal level) and cross-comparatives (community level), and signalling users’ risk-level categorisations and warning well in advance

Cloud-based Bio-marker Library

All biological data (“Bio-Markers”) collected through the Proprietary AI Analytics System will be stored in our Bio-Marker Library (and encrypted with blockchain technology). As data volume expands (it is), our researchers apply big-data analysis and machine learning to refine and enhance the depth and breadth of the Proprietary AI Analytics System, making it an ever-improving tool for cancer risk assessment. 


Advanced data-collectors

Absorb micro-signs of users, including contact temperature, ambient heat release temperature and humidity, and their subtle variations


Personalized mobile application

Channelling data between data-collectors and our Proprietary AI Analytics System, offering seamless user experience, and on its way to becoming the only personal health “Super-APP” on the market