First home-based female breast monthly self-monitoring platform.

Breast cancer is the commonest cancer among females, with a high incidence and mortality rate, one in eight women has a lifetime chance of developing breast cancer. Only if medical screening such as mammography, is performed regularly, detection of early breast cancer is difficult to achieve.

Many studies have shown that the cure rate of breast cancer in early stage is more than 90%. In addition to regular medical check-up, professionals have suggested the best way to fight against breast cancer is through monthly self-examinations.

Via a specially made underwear, cloud computing and Big Data technology, BioRhythm-Breast is the first Breast health monitoring platform in the world. Continuous monitoring on the biorhythm of "abnormal metabolism changes of tumor cells" can be used as biomarker to allow the assessment of user’s breast health risk. BioRhythm-Breast helps user in conducting monthly self-examination in a scientific and non-invasive way in addition to the establishment of a personalized breast health database.

**This app can only be used with "special household underwear". For more details, please click on the link below.